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GiftGift A Divine Blessing Now Here’s an opportunity for you to bring a smiling difference to your life and your Dear Ones. Now, you can gift a wonderful blessing of Healing with Bundles of Renewed Energy, Love, Good health, Prosperity or Simply add blessings into the lives of others. Choose from our wide range of Services, Workshops, Products, Crystals etc.

Color Name Purpose
Green Jade/Aventurine Prosperity/Healing/Growth
Purple Amethyst Spritual Growth/Meditation
Pink Rose Quartz Connects to Angelic Realms, Love & Happiness in relationships, attract new love, emotional healing, heals heart breaks, inspires love for self & others, stimukate forgiveness
Black and White Snow Flake Obsidian Calms, soothes, stone of purity and SPOTS protection, release wrong thinking n Stressful mental patterns, surrender in Meditation
Snow White Snow White New Beginning, Letting go of old patterns. connectiong to moonangel, heighttens intuition, balance hormones.
Yellow Fluorite Makes u aware of higher spiritual realities N quickens spiritual awakening, dispels Negative energies.
White Howlite Stills mind, aid meditation, Improves sleep, lifts depression, calms turbulent emotions, brings patience, absorbs anger, calcium.
Translucent Clear Quartz Most powerful healer and amplifier. When carried it doubles urn electromagnetic field. Can be programmed for any purpose
Grey Blue Labradorite Highly mystical , protective, bringer of light, raises consciousness, wards off unwanted energies, prevents energy Leakage from Aura, Esoteric knowledge.
Deep Blue with Gold Flake LapizLasuli Opens Third eye of wisdom, activates higher mind, stimulates new ideas, enhances memory, increases intellectual ability, brings harmony, helps deep communication issues.
Yellow Citrine Attracts Abundance of Money , Happiness, Soothes fear, Anxiety, Cleanses and empowers Solar Plexus Chakra, aids digestion.
Orange Canelian Career Change, new opportunities, helps to overcome old patterns, habits, stimulates sacral chakra, balances desires.
Black Tourmaline Excellent for Psychic Protection, repairs Aura, grounds and balance, Prevents Black Magic- A MUST WEAR FOR EVERYONE ESPECIALLY CHILDREN



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